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Use these 21 Day Fix Calendars to help keep track of your daily and weekly workouts. 

21 Day Fix Calendar 21 Day Fix Extreme Calendar

Measuring ourselves when we first get started is very important to our success. Use these forms to keep track of your progress. Why? Remember, progress is not always measured by the scale!! Choose the fix version or the basic version. Use with any program and for any fitness level! 

Chart of progress 21 Day Fix Chart of progress Basic

If you need extra copys of the 21 Day Fix Nutrition tally sheets, here you go. You can download this form and have copies for future use. Version 2 is just slightly more detailed. 

Tracking sheet Tally Sheet

Use these 21 Day Fix container cheat sheet for easy access to which category your food falls into. Use the Basic fit test to see where you start and track your progress as you get stronger. This is the MOST RECENT food list from available.

21 Day Fix Food List NEW

Basic Fit Test


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