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10 Best Basic Exercises For Every Day Sometimes we just need to get back to basics. Exercise takes on so many forms and in many ways has become pretty complicated. Between boot camps, cross fit to Anti-gravity yoga and pole fitness there’s no shortage of fitness trends. But when it comes to exercises that even the oldest and […]

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What’s stopping “YOU” from losing weight?  Here are 9 answers to this question…. plus 25 proven ways to change them. 1. You never actually get started. Don’t over think it, just “DO” If you are feeling ready but you keep finding reasons to put it off. Those reasons will never go away, you will always find another excuse. You have to stop the […]


My Personal Transformation begins: (2006) This is me, about 9 months after having my first child! Yes, I’m smiling but there is a lot hidden behind this smile. I was elated about being a mom and my husband is and always has been amazing but I was missing something in myself. I gained 50+ pounds of pregnancy […]

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Words Of Encouragement This is an inspirational story that any parent should read… One of the best benefits of learning how to eat to fuel my body, as a mom, was learning what a healthy plate looks like. At Tony Horton Fitness Camps in the days of old, Tony used to talk about the important […]

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Shakeology Ingredients The video shows how Shakeology ingredients are sourced from all over the world Darin Olein, the creator of Shakeology shares his secrets behind Shakeology’s Ingredients and it’s amazing sources. Follow Darin, the Shakeology Ingredient Hunter, on his adventures as he finds the ingredients that make Shakeology the healthiest meal of the day! (SEE INGREDIENTS BELOW) You […]