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Sue Peters Fitness developed from a place of passion and desire to help others achieve the goals of freedom from medication. Helping you make ‘food’ medicine, feel good in your own skin and to inspire you to start a new chapter and NEVER give up.

If It's Hard Work, It's Worth Doing!
MY STORY IN A NUTSHELL: I’m your average every day mom working hard to stay healthy and hoping to inspire those around me to find their own path to health and happiness. I wasn’t always fit nor did I always eat the way I should. But my life changed when I was told my health was in jeopardy; Now I have a passion for living healthy, fit and medicine free. It has been an amazing yet difficult journey…

My journey began in 2005 when I was pregnant and diagnosed with pre-diabetes. When I was young, I was pretty active, but never ate well and it clearly caught up with me. This was a brutal awakening but I’m so thankful for the struggle because it brought me to where I am today. Back then, I changed my lifestyle “just enough” to remove medications but little did I know high cholesterol and hypothyroidism were breathing down my neck.

I had to do better and my desire to be healthy had to stronger than my desire to stay the same. It was a very slow moving journey to figuring out what I had to do. I had nobody to turn to, my doctor just wanted to throw medication at me rather than help me resolve the “actual” problem. I was the one to had to decide-nobody else. Year after year I was growing as a person and becoming more and more successful at making food my medicine. It was liberating and it felt amazing. In 2014, my doctor put me on hypothyroid medication & I honestly believed that was it-I’m stuck and will be on this for the rest of my life because I can’t change this. I was wrong and yet again I stepped up my game and in 2015 I went off of my meds and I never looked back. The tremendous joy it feels to accomplish something like this is incredible! Quit honestly, I felt like I won the lottery.

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Today-I’m an avid Shakeology drinker and I eat clean with a low carb ketogenic lifestyle & I stay active.  I’ve proven to myself time and time again that I can live a healthy life, free of medication and disease. Becoming a coach has allowed me to surround myself with like minded people to not only stay motivated and accountable myself but the pass the torch with what I have learned and achieved. This avenue to share my success with others who struggle with the same thing is well, let’s just say the power in this is so incredible.  I believe in the programs Beachbody has, I believe in Shakeology and it’s many proven benefits, and I believe in what they stand for. That anyone can obtain and be healthy. With Beachbody’s help I know I’m a much better, not to mention healthier, version of me!

It took a while but thank goodness I came to my senses and realized what healthy really means:

Health goes far beyond eating a salad – it means so much more than a walk on the treadmill and it’s an investment we simply can’t take lightly….

~~ It means: Feeling great so I can play baseball, basketball and do gymnastics with my kids
~~ It means: Having the energy for catch the flag, obstacle courses and all the other crazy things my kids come up with
~~ It means: Staying healthy so I can care for them when they are sick
~~ It means: Being the example my kids (and hubby for that matter) deserve
~~ It means: Being around so I can be there for every single “1st”
~~ It means: It also means love and respect for myself and the 1 body I get to live my live in!

This journey, for me, was tremendously hard but like everything in life: “If it’s hard work, it’s worth doing”…and the last 10 years of finding myself have been no exception!

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I didn’t have someone helping me figure it out and I don’t want you go through the same struggle that I did. Here are some of the things I learned very early on but yet took me a long time to figure out. These are changes you can implement immediately!


–I did not dive into the benefits of fats but the right kind of fats are incredible helpful to those of us who are insulin resistant and type 2 diabetic. Learn more about these fats here: Healthy Fats and Their Benefits


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